We minted this native Cardano utility token from the Quixote Dream Pool to create new perks for Pool delegates.

The purpose of creating this token is to be able to use it as an exchange for services offered by the Quixote Dream Pool and at the same time, be delivered to the Quixote Dream Pool Delegates as extra rewards, without losing or reducing the rewards that the network of Cardano automatically delivers each epoch in ADA if blocks are minted by the Pool.

In the same way, the creation of this utility token has been thought to offer Products and Services beyond the Quixote Dream Pool and different conversations are already being carried out with other entities in order to be able to offer other services that the Pool Delegates can exchange. for Dulcinea tokens (DUL).


All Quixote Dream Pool [QXT] delegators will be able to claim every 6 epochs and with a minimum of 10 ADAs in their wallet, their Dulcineas (DUL) Rewards and it will be with the following relationship regarding their ADA delegates:

Every 6 epochs: can be claimed for every 10 ADA (delegates) = 1 DUL


Delegate H: has 10k ADA delegated -> After 6 epochs -> You can request: 1000 DUL.

After another 6 epochs that same Delegate now has 12k ADA, so this time when requesting his reward he will receive: 1200 DUL


Treasury: 210,000,000 (10%)

Core: 210,000,000 DUL (10%)

Partners: 210,000,000 DUL (10%)

ISPO: 630,000,000 (30%)

Public Sale: 840,000,000 (40%)

Supply Total: 2,100,000,000 DUL

Policy Id: faa9012be2291017993edb0f2990971dc6ba34357a390ad86c7274a1

Initial Price and Sale

To calculate the services offered by the Pool and their payment through Dulcinea (DUL), the following conversion is initially established (especially to facilitate the calculation):

1 DUL = 0.01 ADA

1 ADA = 100 DUL

At the moment, a Public Sale of the DUL tokens is planned for the near future. But first, we would like to see engagement with the system and then determine which way is the most appropriate for its sale and if the Community really has an interest.

It is also within this project to put the DUL utility token for change in the Cardano DEX when they are in operation but we will wait until the DEX is operational.

Initial Utility: where to use Dulcinea tokens (DUL)

To do 3D printing follow the link to learn more.